A Dragon for the Princess


Knight Moves, 6

All Arthur’s knights have succeeded on the battlefield and in matters of love, but the King himself is alone. Just like he had to do with Guinevere, he goes to London intending to ask for the Princess’ hand, to make a political alliance for the good of the kingdom. But what he wants is love. More than a kingdom.

Katherine had been locked in the Tower of London most of her life because she won’t bow to the Prime Minister’s plans to remake Britain in her own twisted image. When Arthur sees Katherine, he knows he must try to win her for himself and not as a king. The princess doesn’t know Arthur’s real identity, but there’s no mistaking the force of his love. 

Will the Dragon of Britain find a princess to claim his heart and not just his crown? And how can Katherine, the last scion of her house, expect to marry for love?


All Romance


Evernight Publishing


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